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We provide the highest quality Premium Alkaline Water, ​through Australia’s most advanced, sustainable, environmentally friendly refill stations.

Our mission is to improve health & vitality
while reducing the amount 
of single use plastic bottles bought.

Rich in Healthy Alkaline Minerals

Drinking alkaline water helps your body more effectively maintain acid-alkaline balance while helping supercharge your immune system. It’s loaded with essential minerals for healthy bones and organs.

Age Fighting Antioxidant

Antioxidants are Anti-aging and very beneficial. Negative ORP alkaline water helps defend the body against cell damage caused by acidic foods, oxidation, pollution, stress and strenuous exercise.

Superior Hydration & Detoxification

 Reduced water clusters means its structured smaller to allow your body to more easily absorb the water into your cells which hydrates better and replenishes faster. It’s super hydrating and your daily detox.

       Sustainable &       Eco-Friendly

Our premium refill stations are highly sustainable, eco-friendly and are the simplest and safest way to get high quality affordable healthy water without the plastic waste. Refill 24/7

Innovative | Advanced | Sustainable


Fill n Go’s premium alkaline water is not only incredibly healthy, its simply delicious. Its rich in essential alkaline minerals, it provides superior hydration and detoxification and also has powerful antioxidant benefits. For those who seek a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing, our premium alkaline water is your perfect companion.



We care about the health and happiness of our customers just as much as we care about the health of our environment and wild life. We see single use plastic bottles as a massive issue and wanted to do our part to create a healthy sustainable future. We’re determined to make a big impact with our innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly refill stations. So let’s show the planet a little love and choose to refill and eliminate single use plastic bottles.



Simplicity is much desired nowadays but unfortunately a simple life is not often or easily obtained. Things just seem to get busier and the days and years just get faster, leaving us wondering where did all that precious time disappear to.
With the increasingly busy customer in mind and the rising costs of living, we designed and engineered our refill stations with affordability, 24/7 convenience, easy of use, better features, more options and zero card fees. After all we all deserve to have access to high quality healthy and affordable drinking water.


Affordable, healthy water for everyone!

        I’m loving the new refill station, definitely much better quality water and less expensive than the bottled water we were buying. Plus no leftover plastic bottles! Kristin Atkins Biggera Waters

          The softest easy to drink water I’ve tasted in a while and my boy wont drink any other water now!                                                 Luisa Buenavids Toowoomba

            FillnGo’s alkaline water is a game changer for my gym training. Pre and post workout supplements absorb faster with this water, it gives me energy faster and better recovery.                                                                     Tim Cook Upper Coomera

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