As plumbers by profession we have always had a passion for delivering the highest quality water possible to maintain human health. The passion for Quality Alkaline water started way back in the late 90’s when we personally experienced the powerful health benefits from drinking this quality alkaline water. Word spread quickly around family and friends as they too were loving the incredibly soft smooth taste and its benefits. I realised that I had to come up with a solution to produce this alkaline water faster and in bulk to keep up with the word of mouth demand.

In 1999 we designed and built, from the ground up, a bulk filling alkaline water station which was deployed in our home town Toowoomba.

This was the start of the alkaline water journey – designing, engineering and building unique to the world, multi-function alkaline water filling stations.

After 20 years of research, development and refinement and countless versions of alkaline water filling stations we now believe we have the ultimate multi-function alkaline water refilling station on the market.

Designed with the health-conscious, eco-friendly customer in mind we created the Fill n Go Premium Alkaline Water Refilling Station.


Fill n Go is dedicated to providing:

  • the freshest, healthiest, best tasting premium alkaline water on the market

  • the most affordable premium alkaline water available

  • easily accessible alkaline water that ’s available 24/7

  • alkaline water dispensed in the cleanest, safest and eco-friendly way on the market

  • the latest eco-green technology, advanced alkalising & ultra-low power consumption

  • the most sustainable, lowest carbon foot print refilling station



Stephen is an innovator designer who has been designing and developing appaliances for the plumbing and drinking water industry for over 30 years.

Steve is a true genius (nerd), always tinkering around with something and inventing better solutions. Living in Toowoomba with family Steve spends most of his time in the workshop.



Regan’s been in the commercial plumbing industry for 19 years. Being a bit of a health and fitness fanatic led Regan to discover the importance of drinking good quality alkaline water.

Regan and Steve joined forces way back to deliver alkaline water to local businesses and homes around the southeast Queensland.

These days Regan can be found driving around the Gold Coast in the Fill n Go van… so give him a wave and say hi.