Live Healthy.

Live Healthy Overview

Fill n Go’s premium alkaline water is not only incredibly healthy, its simply delicious. Its rich in essential alkaline minerals, it provides superior hydration and detoxification and also has powerful antioxidant benefits. For those who seek a healthier lifestyle and well-being, premium alkaline water is your perfect companion.

Drink Healthy.

  • Rich in healthy essential natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and silica
  • Alkaline pH balanced ~ 8.5 – 9 pH
  • Structured in smaller sized water clusters for faster and better cellular hydration
  • Natural and powerful age fighting antioxidant ability
  • Superior detoxification ability to help flush out toxins and wastes for the body
  • Advanced 7 stage purification/ filtration, removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals and much more
  • Produced fresh on demand ( not stored in a tank ) for a great refreshing soft taste

Quality water is:


No matter where water is collected from (spring, bore, dam or tap) it all comes from the same source. That source is from the clouds… Rain water and it’s the same water that’s been here on earth since the beginning.

It’s sad to think that most fresh water on earth nowadays is somewhat contaminated. No water – no matter where on earth it comes from, unfortunately it all contains some sort of contaminants. Springs can often contain heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, ( from farming and industry ) bacteria and even fluoride. Bottled water also can contain similar contaminants as it is largely unregulated. 

In 2018 a US University released the largest investigation of its kind of 250 common bottled waters from 9 different countries were examined. 

They discovered an average of 10 plastic particles per litre, each larger than the width of a human hair. Now that’s enough to turn anyone from bottled water. Because spring, bottled and tap water all contain contaminants it has to be put through filters and purification systems before they can be sold or consumed. But clearly these contaminates are not being filtered properly and consumer are paying the price.

The only way to ensure you are getting a safe healthy water it must be filtered through an advanced multi-stage high quality filtration system that is serviced and maintained regularly.



Fill n Go’s alkaline water is rich in essential healthy natural minerals that are vital for a healthy body. Minerals play a vital role in producing and maintaining energy levels. Magnesium and calcium are two alkaline minerals that are especially important for energy and are found and used right throughout our bones, organs and immune system. The more magnesium and calcium, the better your body is able to break down glucose and convert it into energy. Note- water without minerals like pure/reverse osmosis water is considered dead water. A world health organisation study recently shows systemic health issues in communities that drink Reverse Osmosis water. Healthy water must contain healthy essential minerals. ( Fill n Go Burleigh Heads last water test- pH 9, total alkalinity 92 mg/L, tds 210 ppm, calcium 10.5, potassium 10.5, magnesium 7.9, sodium 24.0, silica 44.5 plus more)


Every day our bodies use around 1-2 litres of water, just through breathing sweating, and passing urine and bowel movements. Hot weather, physical exertion, hangovers and illness cause even more fluid loss. Coffee, energy drinks and alcohol are among a long list of beverages that will also cause fluid loss. Dehydration starts when more fluids are lost then consumed and in many cases without us even knowing.

This is why it is crucial to regularly drink a alkaline pH balanced water with healthy beneficial minerals and a water that is micro structured to more easily be absorbed into the body. Premium alkaline water water can easily be absorbed at a cellular hydration level which is essential for optimal hydration as it can penetrate deeply into your cells nourishing and flushing out waste and toxins.


Acid/alkaline balance in our body is measured by the food and drink we consume by their pH level. The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. It ranges from 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral. Less the 7 is acidic and more than 7 is alkaline. Foods and drinks are categorised as acid or alkaline based on the residue they leave in the body after they have been metabolised. Ginger tea, celery and parsley are all highly alkaline forming while soda water, white flour and sausages are highly acidifying foods. All food and drink we ingest influence our bodies pH. In order to have optimum health, our bodies need to maintain a good level of alkalinity, typically about 7.4 pH. Most common spring waters sold in Australia are usually acidic and range from about 5-7.5 pH. Reverse osmosis/Pure water is produced at about 7ph but once exposed to air it drops to about 6 pH as it is extremely aggressive because it has no stable minerals. Tap water is around neutral at 7 pH. Unfortunately for most of us, our modern diet and busy lifestyle is acidic. An acid-forming diet, lifestyle coupled with pollution and stress can lead to a lack of energy, low immunity and just feeling a bit average. Therefore it is critical that we include alkalising foods and alkaline water in out diet to counteract the almost unavoidable acidic lifestyle. Drinking a high quality premium alkaline water regularly is possibly the best thing you can do to help maintain a healthy balanced alkaline body.


Antioxidants are compounds found in some foods and liquids that help defend your cells from damage caused by potential harmful molecules known as free radicals. When free radicals accumulate in the body, they may cause a state known as oxidative stress and this can damage your DNA and other important structures in your cells. Environmental Pollution, radiation from the sun, cigarette smoke chronic stress, pesticides and processed food are just some of the things which can contribute to the production of free radicals. Free radical have been linked to a variety of diseases and cancers.

Why are antioxidants so important? Charged atoms called “free radicals” damage healthy cells, causing the process of oxidation. It’s what makes cut apples turn brown and iron rust. Researchers believe free radical damage plays a major role in heart disease, premature aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and much more. Antioxidants stop oxidation. There is clear evidence that they counteract the onset of degenerative disease – the first key to vitality. One method scientists use to measure antioxidant potential in liquids is through “Oxidation Reduction”, better known as ORP. Our Premium alkaline water has more antioxidant potential than a glass of fresh orange juice. So you’re drinking antioxidants with every glass! We can see how beneficial it is to eat a wide variety of antioxidant foods such as berries, spinach and walnuts also by regularly drinking premium alkaline water which is a powerful antioxidant. Together they will help fight them bad free radicals and help keep you healthier for longer.

Positive (+ORP) = oxidizing and unhealthy / Negative (-ORP) = antioxidizing and healthy


High Quality water should taste great and make you feel good. If it doesn’t then there is something wrong with it. If water is free from chlorine and other contaminates and it’s been filtered properly it should taste great and not bloat you. Fill n go’s premium alkaline water has been described by many as refreshing, soft, light, silky smooth and very easy to drink. You be the judge. But be warned…. it is very addictive!!