We provide the healthiest premium quality alkaline water, through Australia's most sustainable, eco-friendly 24/7 refill stations.

FillnGo - 5 Gallons Container

~15 litre refill just

FillnGo - 10 Gallons

~11 litre refill just

Alkalise, Energise, Revitalise and Detox, without the plastic waste!

Purchase any Fill n Go Reusable Bottle in store & get $20 water credit

How to get $20 credit by refilling your bottle

Reusable water bottles available in stores at refill station locations.
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The New Standard in Water Purification & Alkaline Water

Fill n Go’s Water Refill Station technology is unmatched by any other water delivery system in Australia. Through high end components, endless features and built by licensed plumbers.Fill no Go exceeds industry standards.

Premium water produced fresh on demand (never stored) for an incredible refreshing taste

Highest quality fluoride and chlorine removal filtration

Simple payWave & mobile phone payment (no fees)

Australia's most affordable premium alkaline water from just $8.90 for 15 litres (60 cents per litre)

7 stage purification including coconut carbon and unique alkalising 9pH

Chilled and room temperature options

600ml, 1 L, 2.2 L, 10 L & 15 litre refills sizes

FREE Bottle Rinse

Soft, light, smooth taste that's easy to drink and will not bloat you. Guaranteed

FIllnGo - Alkaline water benefits

7 x Purification and Unique Alkalising

Great tasting healthy water using the latest purification technology in water Refill Stations. Fill n Go creates the freshest drinking water that tastes, hydrates replenishes, alkalises and detoxifies better than any water system or anything in a single-use plastic bottle – Guarantee


The first stage is the kinetic water energiser which pre-treats, restores, softens, energises and structures the water like nature does when it rushes down streams and water falls.
First Stage
Second Stage

Particulate and Bacterium Removal

The pre-filter is a 0.5-micron Needle Felt HEBA Pre Filter. The only sure way of removing cysts and other protozoa and fine particulate material is to run the water through a membrane with a mesh size of less than 1 micron. This is the HEBA pre filter


Fill n Go’s third stage filter is a large high quality activated carbon element. This carbon is the highest quality commercial carbon available. Its removes chlorine, taste, odour, VOC, Cyst, herbicides, pesticides and much more.
Third Stage
Fourth Stage

Fluoride and Heavy Metal Removal

Stage Four is divided into two stages of media so that the contact time is much larger for complete absorption of all fluorides and other heavy metals like lead and chemicals. Our test results showed between 98%-99.9% removal. This level of removal is classified as Fluoride Free Water in the industry. This superior media outperforms all other fluoride removal media available and the best part is, it does not remove the healthy natural dissolved minerals that are essential for healthy drinking water.

Organic Carbon

The fifth stage is a superior organic carbon filter. Hollow Glass Carbon Fibre, the very latest in water filtration / purification technology capable of filtering down to 0.2 microns, below the standard needed to filter out viruses from water and the same filtration efficiency as large scale desalination reverse osmosis plants.
Fifth Stage
Sixth Stage

Alkaline Enhancement

This unique stage is what makes Fill n Go's premium alkaline water far superior to anything else available. Using a small electrical charge, the purified water is separated into two streams, alkaline and acidic. The acidic stream is removed and the alkaline stream comes out energised, structured, a powerful antioxidant and loaded with healthy essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. This stage is very similar to Enagic’s Kangen Water which is the world leader in home water alkaline antioxidant structured water system.

Organic Coconut Carbon Polishing Filter

The final touch is our 100% organic Hollow Carbon Fibre filter. This unique seventh filter finishes Fill n Go's purification process with elements that come directly from nature. This carbon is the highest quality commercial carbon available, the same carbon used by food and beverage companies all over the world. It enhances the water quality by very fine polishing and improving taste – this filter is another reason our water always tastes light, smooth, fresh, and perfectly clean when you drink it.
Final Stage

Note: Fill n Go’s water refill stations are the only machines in Australia that do not store the filtered water in a holding tank. Our refill stations produce/filter the water fresh on demand with no storage and we do this because once water is stored in a tank, it is generally not considered safe as bacteria can build in the tank. Also storage tanks need to be cleaned several times a year to ensure sanitation.

Additionally Fill n Go’s refill stations are the only Australia Made Machines and are also engineered and built by Licenced Plumbers with decades of experience in water filtration systems

Healthy Water

Fill n Go’s premium alkaline water is not only incredibly healthy, its simply delicious. Its rich in essential alkaline minerals, it provides superior hydration and detoxification and also has powerful antioxidant benefits.

Healthy Planet

We care about the health and happiness of our customers just as much as we care about the health of our environment and wild life. We see single use plastic bottles as a massive issue and wanted to do our part to create...

Affordable Healthy Water for Everyone

Affordable Healthy Water for Everyone

What Our customers say

I’m loving the new refill station, definitely much better quality water and less expensive than the bottled water we were buying. Plus no leftover plastic bottles!

Kristin Atkins Biggera Waters

The softest easy to drink water I’ve tasted in a while and my boy wont drink any other water now!

Luisa Buenavids Toowoomba

FillnGo’s alkaline water is a game changer for my gym training. Pre and post workout supplements absorb faster with this water, it gives me energy faster and better recovery.

Tim Cook Upper Coomera

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