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The Healthiest Premium Quality Alkaline Water Available 24/7

~15 Litre Refill
From $8.90
~10 Litre Refill
From $6.50

Alkalise, Energise, Revitalise and
Detox from just 60 cents a litre!


Alkaline 8.5-9.2pH (approx) and rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and silica for a healthy balanced mineralised body and immune system.


Structured in smaller water clusters to absorb better, faster and deeper into your cells for superior cellular hydration and detoxification of acidic and accumulated wastes. It’s your daily detox!


Full of beneficial antioxidants like fresh fruit and vegetables to help protect your body from harmful free radicals, allowing your tissues to rejuvenate to help keep you looking younger for longer.


Our refill stations are the only ones in Australia that purify the water fresh on demand, it’s not stored in tanks. This is very important for quality, taste, freshness and unique health benefits.

How it Works

Bring or Buy a Bottle

Bring a clean bottle to a Fill n Go refill station near you or buy one there at the refill station location host store.

Fill Up

Tap your credit card/mobile , select your size (optional bottle rinse) then press fill to start filling.

Return to Refill

When you’re finished, come back and refill your bottle 24/7 with fresh premium alkaline water.

Purchase any Fill n Go reusable bottle in store at the all refill station locations and get a $20 water prepaid card!

Purchase a Bottle

Get a $20 Water Card

Refill your Bottle

Reusable BPA free bottles available at participating stores at refill station locations. See "Find a Refill Station" page for details. Also available to purchase here online "Shop Page"

10 X Advanced Purification And Unique Alkalising

Great tasting healthy water using the latest purification technology in water Refill Stations. Fill n Go creates the freshest drinking water that tastes, hydrates, replenishes, alkalises and detoxifies better than any water system or anything in a single-use plastic bottle – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Sediment Particle Filter

The first stage is the fine Hepa Pre Filter, which is a high efficiency particulate ultra fine filter. Hepa filters are widely used in medical applications where high quality clean water is critical. It effectively removes tiny particles like sediment, silt, algae, micro plastics and also the turbidity from the water.

Ultra Violet Bacteria Protection

The ultraviolet water purification in this stage is the most effective method available for eliminating harmful microorganisms like E.Coli, Giadia and all other types of bacteria and viruses. This UV light system destroys microorganisms safely and naturally without adding any chemicals or changing the water in any way. Its just a powerful light similar to the suns ultraviolet rays.

2 x HEPA Filters

Stage three is large capacity filter with unique high quality media that effectively absorbs fluorides and heavy metals like lead. Our test results showed between 98%-99.9% removal. This level of removal is classified as Fluoride Free Water in the industry. This superior media outperforms all other fluoride removal media available and the best part is, it does not remove the healthy natural dissolved minerals that are essential for healthy drinking water.

2 x Advanced Fluoride Removal

Fill n Go’s fourth stage filter is large high quality commercial grade activated carbon filter, the same used by leading water companies like Fiji water and Evian. This high quality activated carbon is quite remarkable in terms of its ability to remove contaminates. It effectively removes herbicides, pesticides organic and inorganic contaminates, chlorine, THM’s, microbial crysts, taste, odour and many other chemicals that effect the aesthetic quality of the water.

2 x Activated Carbon Filters

Fill n Go’s fifth stage filter is a large high quality commercial grade activated carbon filter, the same used by leading water companies like Fiji water and Evian. This high quality activated carbon is quite remarkable in terms of its ability to remove contaminates. It effectively removes herbicides, pesticides organic and inorganic contaminates, chlorine, THM’s, microbial crysts, taste, odour and many other chemicals that effect the aesthetic quality of the water.

Advanced Alkaline Enhancement

This unique stage is what makes Fill n Go’s alkaline water far superior and health beneficial to anything else available. Using a small electrical charge, the purified water is separated into two streams, alkaline and acidic. The acidic stream is removed and the alkaline stream comes out energised, structured for better absorption, a powerful antioxidant, rich in dissolved oxygen and loaded with healthy essential natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. This stage is very similar to Japans Enagic’s Kangen Water which is the world leader in home alkaline antioxidant structured water systems. ( This type of alkaline water is far more beneficial then the alkaline water sold in the supermarket which just has a high pH and is generally low in minerals ).

100% Natural Coconut Carbon

The final touch is our 100% coconut carbon filter. This unique seventh filter finishes Fill n Go’s purification process with elements that come directly from nature. It’s made of real coconut husks, and is one of the reasons Fill n Go tastes so great. Coconut husks are highly sustainable, efficient at capturing and absorbing tiny particles of contaminants, as well as enhancing water quality and improving taste – this filter is another reason our water always tastes light, smooth, fresh, and perfectly clean when you drink it.

– Fill n Go’s refill stations are the only bulk water refill stations built in Australia.
– Uniquely designed and engineered for Australian water conditions, not for other countries.
– Built by experienced licenced plumbing and electrical professionals using the highest quality components and purification equipment.
– The only refill stations that do not store the purified water in a tank, its produced fresh on demand for superior quality, taste and safest drinking water possible.


Fill n Go’s water refill station technology is the result of 20+ years of research, development and testing and that’s why it’s unmatched by any other water delivery system in Australia. Through the most advanced purification technology, high end components, endless features and built by in Australia by licensed professionals. Fill no Go exceeds all industry standards to deliver the very best premium alkaline antioxidant water.

Premium water produced fresh on demand (never stored) for an incredible light refreshing taste
10x purification including organic coconut carbon and unique alkalising ~8.5 – 9pH
Highest quality fluoride and chlorine removal filtration
Chilled and room temperature options
Simple payWave & mobile phone payment (no fees)
600ml, 1 L, 2.2 L, 10 L & 15 litre refill sizes
Australia’s most affordable premium alkaline water from just $8.90 for 15 litres (60 cents per litre)
FREE bottle rinse with activated oxygen ( 03 ) for sanitation
Soft, light, smooth taste that’s easy to drink and will not bloat you. Guaranteed.

Our Water

Fresh, healthy, delicious premium quality water. It’s rich in natural essential minerals, it provides superior hydration and detoxification and also has powerful antioxidant benefits. It’s your perfect daily companion to a healthier lifestyle and well-being.

  • Alkaline pH balanced approx. 8.5 – 9 pH
  • Rich in healthy natural essential minerals
  • Structured for better, faster cellular hydration
  • Powerful natural age fighting antioxidant water…

Our Planet

Fill n Go refill stations are a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to the 50+ billion, single use plastic bottles being used every year. Designed with an extremely low carbon Footprint and the Friendly customer in mind Fill n Go stations is changing the way Australia drinks water.

Single use plastic bottled water is not only bad for your health, it’s devastating for our environment, wildlife and your bank account…


Affordable Healthy Water for Everyone and Everyday

What Our Customers Say

I’m loving the new refill station, definitely much better quality water and less expensive than the bottled water we were buying. Plus no left over plastic bottles!

Kristin Atkins, Biggera Waters

The softest easy to drink water I’ve tasted in a while and my boy wont drink any other water now!

Luisa Buenavids, Toowoomba

Fill n Go’s alkaline water is a game changer for my gym training. Pre and post workout supplements absorb faster with this water, it gives me energy faster, better recovery and does not bloat me.

Tim Cook, Upper Coomera

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