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We are a growing company on a mission to provide the healthiest premium quality water while eliminating single use plastic water bottles.

Our mission is to:

Provide the highest quality premium healthy water

Provide highly sustainable eco-friendly water at an affordable price

Help Australian’s combat the growing health crisis of chronic dehydration

Help eliminate the devastating impacts of single use plastic water bottles

As plumbers by profession we have always had a passion for delivering the highest quality water possible to maintain good health. Our passion for Quality Alkaline Water started way back in the late 90’s when we personally experienced the powerful health benefits from drinking this quality unique alkaline water. Word spread quickly around family and friends as they too were loving the incredibly soft smooth taste and its powerful benefits. We realised that we had to come up with a solution to produce this alkaline water much faster and in bulk to keep up with the word of mouth demand.

In 1999 we designed and built, from the ground up, a bulk refill alkaline water station which was deployed in our home town of Toowoomba. This was the start of the alkaline water journey – designing, engineering and building unique to the world, multi-function alkaline water refill stations.
After 20 years of research, development and refinement and countless versions of alkaline water refill stations, we now believe we have the absolute ultimate multi-function alkaline water refill station on the market.

Designed with the health-conscious, eco-friendly customer in mind we created the Fill n Go Premium Alkaline Water Refill Station.

20 years of research, development and testing.
We’ve created the ultimate water refill station…

To hydrate better and faster

About 70% of Australians regularly suffer from symptoms of dehydration, resulting in a myriad of under recognized side effects including: fatigue, dry skin, dizziness, muscle cramps, food cravings, headaches, bad breath, and acne among others. Our alkaline ionised water is structured for superior cellular hydration and absorption of essential minerals, giving real beneficial hydration.

To taste much better than regular water

There is a growing obesity epidemic fuelled by sugary, carbonated and energy drinks that are highly addictive and highly marketed to kids at a very young age, creating an almost lifelong addiction to sugary flavours. Our superior tasting water is helping with fresh, soft, smooth tasting delicious water for the young and old.

To help eliminate single use water bottles

Hundreds of millions of single use plastic water bottles end up in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills every year, and never biodegrade. They slowly break down and multiply in smaller particles ( micro plastics ). It’s so bad that plastic waste is predicted to outweigh fish in the ocean by the year 2050. Refill stations are the answer to single use plastics bottles. Just one of our refill stations has the capability of saving over 3 million single use plastic bottles in a single year.

100 % Australian designed, engineered and built for quality reliable performance



Steven kicked off his plumbing carer back in 1983 and has since owned and operated a successful water filtration shop that supplied, installed and serviced every imaginable water filter system. He is an innovator designer who has been designing and developing appliances for the plumbing and drinking water industry for over 30 years. One successful invention was the “Meter beater” being a highly adaptable tap washer that made headlines and won local awards. Steve is a true genius (nerd), always tinkering around with something and designing better solutions. Lately Steve has been focusing on our latest version Premium Alkaline Water Refill Station. Living in Toowoomba with family, Steve spends most of his time in the workshop building refill stations or helping others with trouble shooting and bringing their inventions to reality.



Regan’s been in the commercial plumbing industry for over 20 years, working on large scale projects such as the Tugun Desalination Water Plant, The Royal Brisbane Hospital and the Gold Coast hospital. Being a bit of a health and fitness fanatic led Regan to discover the importance of drinking good quality, fresh, structured alkaline antioxidant water.
Regan and Steve joined forces way back to produce and deliver bulk alkaline water to local businesses and homes in Toowoomba, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
These days Regan can be found giving out free water samples at local markets and events from the Fill n Go Solar Powered Mobile Hydration Station. Also you can find him driving around in the Fill n Go ute… so give him a wave and say hi. He might even give you a free $20 Fill n Go prepaid card!



Peter has a strong background in small business with his own business established in 1980 which is one of a few solar companies still operating since then. He has post graduate marketing qualifications and lectured in small business and marketing with franchising at Qld TAFE and USQ with hands on franchising experience establishing Solar Edwards in Northern NSW and SE Qld.
He expanded into medicinal herb growing with contract growers to produce the first known commercial quantities of chamomile in Australia for chamomile oil distillation and tea to supply Nerada over a number of years.

In recent years Peter has mentored the establishment of many small business including Fill n Go. His wealth of experience and knowledge has been highly valuable to the continued successful growth of Fill n Go.



Maryjane has a huge passion for health and wellness and loves sharing this with others. Her career as a nurse started back in 2013 and she is now a part-time nurse at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Working in hospitals, Maryjane has first-hand knowledge of the wide spread growing problem of chronic dehydration among Australians and she is also surprised at how many people think that water is just water. Drinking 2-3 litres of quality alkaline water a day is her best nutritional advice for a healthier more energised life. Health and fitness has always been a passion of Maryjane’s and the team at PLC fitness club can tell you how much she loves sweating it out! When she is not caring for others in the medical ward, see can be found at Fill n Go events smiling and giving out free samples of premium alkaline water.